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Talent Base is now Loihde Advisory!

Talent Base is henceforth known as Loihde Advisory. We are still the same familiar company, but we work more closely together with the entire Loihde corporate network. By changing our brand, we aim to serve our customers more comprehensively and to unite our personnel under the same brand.

Loihde is an expert organisation specialising in digital development and security solutions. The foundation of our work is customer understanding and solution focus. We transform complicated setups into services that are simple to buy, use and understand.

Loihde’s history can be traced back almost 140 years. Group revenue was EUR 106 million last year.

Loihde Advisory has been a part of Loihde since June 2021. We are part of the digital development business and now offer our services more widely, in cooperation with our sister companies.

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Future market leaders will run their businesses with data and will stand out from the competition thanks to an irresistible digital brand experience.
We know what it takes to accomplish this.

We offer step-by-step support customized for your organization’s growth by combining high-quality data, the most appropriate technology, and effective processes together with organizational change capability. And we optimize all of these for the precise goals of your business.

Welcome to the future. We make sure that you are ready for it.

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Every growth-hungry business will soon have a schedule for being AI-ready – for having all the skills and tools to implement cross-cutting and company-wide AI systems. In this post, I will explain in plain words what we at Loihde Advisory mean by AI readiness.

“How to build AI-ready organisation and why you will soon be for forced to?”

Practical training from top professionals in their industry

Loihde Advisory’s experienced experts train you and your organisation to become digital pioneers. Book a place on our popular training courses today! We offer trainings for companies and public administration, and the course languages are Finnish and English.

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SAFe® 5 Scrum Master with SSM Certification

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Lean-Agile: back to basics - asiakaskeskeisyys, ihmisen kunnioitus ja jatkuva oppiminen

21.6.2022 Helsinki
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SAFe® 5 Product Owner / Product Manager with POPM Certification

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Digitalisation is not just a word

For our customers, digitalisation is not just a word. It is a fundamental change taking place in the very heart of a company. It is an operational capability in the new rapidly changing world where no one can foresee the future.

Watch the video and find out how we can help your organisation to use the tool of digitalisation in the best possible ways.

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