Advanced analytics and AI

“We help our customers steer their business towards data-orientation, and to design and develop the necessary solutions.”

– Jussa Klapuri, Expert of Advanced analytics and AI

Despite the undisputed value of data, it is often still tricky to identify commercial opportunities and use cases

The abundance of opportunities has resulted in a plethora of tools and technologies that one must be aware of to be able to monetize one’s data.

Whether you’re interested in personalization across your digital channels, predicting maintenance need, computer vision or natural language processing, our experts will help you throughout the entire lifecycle of the project – from ideation and concepting through development to deployment.

We validate the concepts through pilot projects which typically spanning a couple of weeks. Based on the results you’re better equipped to make decisions on larger investments.

The solutions that utilize advanced analytics, data science, or artificial intelligence never exist in isolation. Because of this, we design our solutions also considering your existing system architecture, user experience, and taking privacy into account. We also help our customers measure and improve their data quality, and identify potential room for improvement around information management, so that analytical solutions can be built on reliable data.

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