Environmental policy

We understand that taking better care of our environment and using natural resources more sparingly is paramount to our future and that of generations to come. Even though professional services’ environmental footprint is different and smaller than the footprint of e.g. manufacturing, transportation, agriculture or energy production, we acknowledge that every decision and action counts. This in mind, we are committed to minimise the impact of our operations to the environment and help our clients to do the same.

Guiding principles

Our environmental policy is based on following guiding principles:

  • Involve everyone to come up ideas for continuous improvement.
  • Encourage and help our people to make better choices everyday.
  • Design and create sustainable IT-solutions which optimise resource consumption over their lifetime.

Sustainability of the IT-solutions we create

As our customers aim to improve their influence on the environment, we are dedicated to help them to achieve it.

  • We design and create IT-solutions that are sustainable. This means that the solutions are fit-for-purpose, scalable and flexible. This way they consume resources as little as possible over the entire lifecycle.
  • The solutions aim to minimise idle resources. We utilise cloud computing, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions whenever possible to achieve this.
  • Computing resources are aimed to locate physically as close to the point of consumption as possible.

Office spaces

  • We optimise the usage of office space and use flexible and shared premises.
  • We guide our people to pay attention to energy consumption and shut down idle devices and office lightning.
  • We favour environmentally friendly office utilities.
  • Waste is separated (e.g. bio waste, paper, batteries etc) and recycled.

Travel and commuting

  • We minimise travel by using video conferencing, Slack and similar collaboration tools.
  • Whenever possible train is favoured over flying.
  • Office locations are chosen so that they are easily reachable by public transportation and bicycle.
  • The company owns two bicycles for shared use.

IT equipment and services

  • We choose equipment that has long lifecycle and that are produced responsibly.
  • All our own IT-solutions are cloud based/SaaS.


  • We print as little as possible and use 2-sided printing as a default.

Courier services

  • We use A2B courier services, who are a pioneer in non-emission transportation in Finland. Their vehicles run on bio gas and/or wind power.

Other purchases

  • We favour local, durable and environmentally friendly products and services.
  • We avoid using any disposable goods.