The story of a solution designer: Timo Karsisto

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For the past decade, Timo has worked in various agile projects. He reckons the most important aspect in the solution designer’s job is designing durable solutions that are executed simply enough.

Having been keen on computers since a very young age, Timo’s IT career got off to its official start at Helsinki University of Technology (TKK). He majored in networking technology and minored in consulting and cooperation. Even in those days, Timo’s talent and passion for this field were apparent: in addition to studying he worked in IT maintenance and consulted small companies.

Later on, Timo got employed at IBM in a trainee programme for university students. The first challenge assigned to him was the position of a security architect in a major project. Timo ended up working for the ”Big Blue” for five years until it was time to try something new – something smaller and more flexible.

So, Timo joined Loihde Advisory in January 2011. For him, the biggest change was in his role in relation to the customer. Loihde Advisory’s value proposition is to always act in the best interest of our customers, and Timo felt that his job as a solution designer genuinely brought him “in the customer’s corner”.

I’d be particularly stoked to get to design a completely revolutional and groundbreaking service. To get the chance to truly challenge myself.

Timo’s background is rooted in technology with a strong emphasis on architecture. Therefore, his transition to solution design was quite natural and effortless, and his technical expertise has proven to be a great asset to him in this new role. Previously, when working in architecture, Timo had primarily focused on technical solutions, whereas solution design is more about having a holistic approach and considering the use experience. Despite the differences, what the roles have in common is the huge importance of business insight.

The solution designer’s job is to always think about the big picture and to design a simple and sufficiently good solution. According to Timo, simple is beautiful, but achieving it is not always easy. Timo says it’s always rewarding to see one’s own solutions in action. What he also finds enjoyable in his work is that no two days are alike and that every day teaches him something new.

At Loihde Advisory, Timo has worked in content management, e-commerce, various digital services, and method consulting in roles such as agile coach, product owner and solution designer.

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