Loihde Advisory Customer Satisfaction

100 %

of our customers feels our service met their expectations or exceeded them


NPS-recommendation index (-100–100)

100 %

of our customers wants to continue the co-operation with us

The satisfaction of our customers is based on our strong expertise

We want to ensure the best possible experience for our customers in our line of business, which is why we regularly sound out how satisfied our customers are with the service they get from us. Based on the survey responses, our customers value especially our solution-driven attitude, our ability to hear them out and understand their needs, and also our competence to solve the problems at hand. The feedback we most often receive is how reliable our solid expertise is in itself, as it shines through in everything we do.

Why we recommend Loihde Advisory

Special expertise is well worth the investment. At best it pays itself back when you don’t have to make a number of corrections afterwards.

– Customer

We’re getting recommended!

Most of our customers come to us when someone they know has recommended us. Our good reputation has grown year by year, and our customers’ willingness to spread the good word is visible also in our annual Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is now as outstanding as 63.

According to our customers, they are likely to recommend us to their contacts for example for agile transformation journeys, developing concepts for digital business, information management, content management… in other words, for all the areas where we offer services.

How we were rated


Doing business with Loihde Advisory is effortless


The consultants of Loihde Advisory generate added value for us


Loihde Advisory offers services, of which they have deep expertise and insight

What our customers say about us

The key people can be reached quickly, and they always put the customer first. We get answers to our questions promptly and suggestions for resolving challenging situations.

Why we recommend Loihde Advisory

Great expertise without the typical bullshit slides.

What our customers say about us

An expert needs to make some effort to really understand what I need and make sure that the outcome is delivered and communicated in an understandable way. Loihde Advisory succeeded in that.

Why we chose Loihde Advisory

They know what they’re doing; a good previous experience.

– Tomas Perovuo, MTV

What our customers say about us

Loihde Advisory had really done their homework and studied our call for offers carefully. Their services met our needs. The atmosphere in our first face-to-face meeting with the key people was positive and relaxed.

How we studied customer satisfaction

Our annual customer satisfaction survey is carried out by Suhdetoimisto Kram. In 2019 the survey was completed as a mix of a quantitative questionnaire and a qualitative interview. Both were conducted in December 2018 and January 2019.

32 representatives of our customer companies in Finland and Sweden responded to the survey.

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