In 2017 the net sales of Talent Base broke yet another record

Last year, the net sales of the Talent Base corporation were 9 million euros. Demonstrated by a 40% enhancement as compared to the previous year, the profitability of the business continues its solid growth. The satisfaction surveys carried out among our customers and Talent Base employees alike have given us excellent results with the highest scores ever measured (with Net Promoter Score 68 and eNPS 74).

– What lies behind the growth rates is our customers’ strong investments in making use of data and analytics. They have also been committed to developing multi-channel services with an open mind. In fact, the majority of the net sales came from the service areas related to information management and omni-channel content management, says Tomi Bergman, Chief Executive Officer of Talent Base.

Of all the professional services offered by Talent Base, the largest growth was seen in protection of privacy, agile transformation and also in one of the new services introduced last year, the development and deployment of advanced analytics and AI. What is more, the growth set the table for many successful recruitments, and now 19 outstanding professionals have joined our team on both sides of the Gulf of Bothnia. By the end of 2017, our total number of employees was 58.

This year, Talent Base looks forward to further increasing its business operations. With a renewed set of services to be launched, we can respond to the increasing needs of our customers even better than before.