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Data condition check for the electricity retail market

Does your current data meet Fingrid’s Datahub requirements? We can analyse your data and provide you with recommendations for follow-up actions. The data condition inspection service, tailored to the electricity markets, is offered at €5,800 (+ VAT 24 %).

Prepare for the Datahub era

Fingrid’s Datahub imposes new requirements on information from agents in the electricity retail market. The information distributed through Datahub, and associated rules, are defined in a common data standard, published in March, 2016.

Fingrid recommends that the agents in the industry prepare for the coming change, and review data in their own systems. To meet this need, we have tailored a service that helps electricity vendors and distribution network companies to identify their current data quality and gives them actual recommendations on how to prepare for the coming data migration.

Implementation of the data condition check

1. Analysis

We analyse your existing data, comparing it to the data standard defined in the Datahub project. We will implement data profiling with Data Quality tools. The analysis encompasses the following information:

  • Customer information
  • Agreement information
  • User location information
  • Measurement information

2. Results
We will compile a summary report on the current state of your data and present our finding on a system-specific basis. We will indicate missing values, eventual duplicates and other quality deviations.

3. Procedures
The service includes a one-day guided workshop, where we process the procedure recommendations based on the results and then, together plan the follow-up procedures for repairing and preventing quality problems, and for continuous quality monitoring. We will compile a list with actual recommendations on how to easily prepare for the Datahub era.


  • You are prepared for the shift! Datahub requires changes in operational methods, and often even system changes. Start early to find out what needs to be changed and how it should be done.
  • Datahub ♥ quality data! Datahub is thirsty for quality data. Problems can be fixed, as long as you know where the quality deviations are and what creates them.
  • Plan your system changes carefully! When you know as early on as possible if your system requires changing, you can make thoughtful decisions. Good things hardly come out of hurried decisions.

Why use the Loihde Advisory Data condition check, specifically?

  • Fixed price: no surprises.
  • We know the data standard defined for Datahub like the back of our hand.
  • We have ready tools and models for data quality analysis.
  • If required, we can also help you plan and implement process and system changes.
  • Our clients recommend us. In our newest study, 96 % of our clients said that our service met or exceeded their expectations.