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Data standard

Our Data standard describes and defines vital information about your business activities, such as customer and product information, as well as their content and quality requirements.

The Data standard forms a base for system development and for efficient data sharing between various systems.


  • You get a common, understandable and unambiguous language for business-critical information about your organization.
  • The data standard guides process development and daily data founding and maintenance work.
  • You get documented quality requirements for cleaning and migrating existing data.
  • You get tools to boost information sharing between systems, as well as tools to ease the merging of information and for reliable analytics.


Our Data standard defines key concepts of your business activities and related, various functional requirements. Creating a company’s Data standard is not a one-off project, but rather, is developed as the needs of your business activities change. As a final product, the data standard is documented in a form or system as agreed upon with the client. You also get a concept model for Master Data and a logical data model (as a UML diagram).

The service includes:

  • Creation of the Data standard and a description, from a conceptual level to a logical level.
  • A conceptual model for central concepts in business activities, and their internal relationships.
  • A logical data model to support technical implementation.