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MDM Pilot

MDM Pilot is a compact, ready package service for business-centred development of Master Data Management.

The methods have been honed in practical project work and help to identify the commercial advantages of MDM projects, while quickly steering development onto the right track.
Duration: 4–6 calendar weeks
Price: €9,900 (+ VAT 24 %)



  • With the help of MDM Pilot, you can illustrate the project targets and business activity advantages, right from the start of the project.
  • The full inspection of MDM ensures that the actual key persons of the project are recognized and engaged.
  • An unbiased analysis of central advantages helps to prioritize procedures, for both the short and long term.
  • You will receive a concrete, prioritized development plan and you will know how to progress quickly and systematically within the project.


In the MDM Pilot, MDM is examined through the viewpoints of business activities, the end client and technology. As the end result, an analysis of the central advantages of your MDM project is created, as are recommendations for prioritizing procedures to achieve your targets.

As a final product of the service, the following products are created:

  • MDM current state analysis
  • MDM business activity targets
  • Upper level MDM development plan