Loihde Advisory as a workplace

At Loihde Advisory, we want to be a leading player in our field even 20 years from now. That’s why we truly invest in our employees by offering them the best education and plenty of possibilities to maintain their professional competence. We share our know-how and refine it together for the benefit of our customers.

Come and join our community of top-class professionals, where motivating and demanding tasks foster your personal growth and development.

Is Loihde Advisory the right place for you?

By joining our team, you get to share in all of the following

A wide range of projects

Our projects are usually extensive and complex operations, where intriguing tasks challenge even the most seasoned players. We also have the opportunity to continuously acquire and use new skills and the latest technologies.

Top-class colleagues and personal tutors support your development

Our staff is made of outstanding talents, best in their field, and a culture of encouragement and knowledge-sharing is treasured amongst us. We’re always ready to help one another and exchange advice and best practices either in staff meetings or in Slack. On top of that, each employee has their own dedicated tutor, who offers them coaching in professional development and a shoulder to lean on if needed. When surrounded by highly-skilled colleagues, everyone’s know-how is continuously growing.

The best tools and education opportunities

At Loihde Advisory, everyone gets to decide what tools they want to work with – you can choose either Mac or PC, iPhone or Android. And naturally, the pack also includes an Internet connection at home and other equipment to ensure you can work as flexibly as possible.

Every employee has an annual training budget, which you can use as you wish for deepening your expertise. Moreover, we regularly arrange training courses for all our employees on topics of current interest and latest methods.

We spend a lot of time with our customers, but at the same time cherishing the Loihde Advisory spirit is one of our top priorities

F2F Fridays

Every month, we get together in our office for one Friday afternoon to go through our joint issues, discuss the latest news, give updates on various projects, and share loads of positive energy to keep up the good work. There’s always a little snack served up and sometimes even something a bit more substantial up for grabs, like tasty burgers being prepared by a chef on the spot.

Parties and events

Just because we’re all grownups, it doesn’t mean we don’t love parties. Not every week, as they take their toll, but often enough. Among our annual traditions are a weekend trip together and a summer party, where you and your companion are warmly welcome.


Besides parties, about every other month we arrange exciting leisure activities, which are a far cry from long-faced and stiff-backed formalities. We’ve done backpacking in the woods of Nuuksio, enjoyed a delicious campfire meal prepared by a chef, hoorayed for the Finnish national team in a basketball game, gone to theatres and concerts, done mountain biking, and cooked ourselves a proper harvest-time meal in the traditional style.

A functional, pleasant work environment

In 2017, we moved into a new office space, which had been completely renovated to suit our wishes. The premises consist of an open-plan office with adjustable desks, a coffee bar, a quiet wing, and meeting rooms as well as phone booths. During your breaks, you can challenge your colleague to a game of table football or have a breath of fresh air on a rooftop terrace. There are also plenty of professional books on hand, and we are replenishing the library all the time. And of course, there is plenty of extremely good coffee available non-stop.

Comprehensive insurance and occupational health care

In addition to basic occupational health care, Loihde Advisory provides its employees with a comprehensive insurance package including a broad health security coverage, leisure insurance, travel insurance, and an annual budget for dental care.

Lunch and recreational benefits

It probably goes without saying, but let’s say it anyway: every Loihde Advisory employee is entitled to lunch benefit. And not only that, but you also get recreational benefits for cultural events and sports.