Anni Lehto


  • Customer Data and CRM
  • Data management and quality

Focused and pragmatic consultant to accompany you on your data journey

My background is in operational data work: I have extensive experience diving deep into many types of Master Data, developing related processes, and testing solutions in real life scenarios. In my history I’ve been a part of multiple successful data projects, during which I’ve made sure to offer my full contribution and focus; I want to do things in a way that they benefit everyone.

I’m curious and madly in love with knowledge, thus I frequently look for new things to learn. I also listen well and am interested in knowing the reasoning behind decisions. Resourcefulness is one of my best qualities; I enjoy searching for answers and determining suitable solutions for problems.

Sparring, training and guiding others is something I genuinely like; I find that sharing information is essential in building mutual understanding and crucial for efficient teamwork. I am not afraid of responsibility and getting involved; I am quick to take action when necessary.