Hans-Christian Stoltz

Senior Consultant

  • Digital services
  • E-commerce and Omnichannel
  • Service design and UX

Extensive experience as a passionate UX Lead, Designer, requirement gatherer and business developer.

I have always been working in the rift where the connection between the organisation, customer and market needs has to be clarified and simplified.

My background comes from my amount of years that I’ve been working within academia. I’ve done research and educated people within areas of Design and User Experience at two universities for more than a decade.

I’ve also worked in commercial projects, as a consultant, together with companies and organisations such as AlfaLaval, Movia and BaneDanmark to help them create new solutions based on clarity and efficiency for touch points where they interact with their customers.

Mobile, web and VR are some of the channels I’ve been working with and user tests, design processes and prototyping are things which are close to my heart.

I am an avid advocate of how important it is with a high level of accessibility in all kinds of digital solutions and I’ve argued that it something which should be a natural part of all design processes where the solution is intended to be used by human beings.

Every interaction between organisation and customers is a meeting with a purpose of exchanging stories. It is my task, as a designer, to facilitate the creation of a solution which makes the flow of stories easier.

How can I help your organisation to increase its flow of new stories?