Heimo Hänninen

Senior Consultant

  • Architectures
  • Data management and quality

Digital business runs on managed data services

I am an information craftsman who does business analysis, data modelling, and solution architecture. I have the courage, curiosity, and skills to jump into complex and sometimes fuzzy situations. I then clarify problems and causalities, and create plans for improvement.

Transferring your company to the next level of information management can only be done by making problems visible and then enabling people to take the corrective actions. Conversations start the improvement of the corporate culture, and smart use of IT makes people more productive.

I have gained excellent analytical skills and expertise in visualising problems for business people, as well as designing solution domain for development teams. I have more than 20 years of experience with larger corporations in Finland, Germany, Sweden, and Canada. I have special interest in semantic information management and technology.