Jan Enlund

Senior Consultant

  • Digital services
  • E-commerce and Omnichannel
  • Project Management

I have over 15 years of experience as a technical expert in demanding positions

I am an engineer, passionate about new technology, devices, products and services. I have worked with product, service and project management and development, as well as network and service monitoring and management covering operator products. I like working close to the business and developing solutions in cooperation with IT. SAFe, agile and scrum methodologies are all familiar to me, as well as technical architectures.

I am a strong team player. As a very solution centric person, I have an eye for details as well as larger entities. I enjoy challenges and always try to find new angles and viewpoints to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Keeping an open mindset is crucial in order to succeed to innovate and develop world class services and solutions. Keeping an open mind also helps me to learn and develop my skills and knowledge.