Jori Eskolin

Senior Consultant

  • Lean agile
  • Project Management

Remember people and make things possible – and magic will happen

I am a long-term developer by nature. I understand that the result of a company comes from systemic structures, and therefore my speciality is the development of essential value flows to meet the demands of a changing world. I have also seen how trusting in people, working together, with good structures and a constant desire to learn something new, wonders will happen and value for customers is produced.

I’m don’t just talk and tell stories – I help find and create concreteness, shape the world into one where people experience meaningfulness, joy, and customers always get what they’ve been promised (and maybe even a little more). The starting point for everything is respect for people, values, culture, enabling, doing things together and customer-centric goal-orientation.

One colleague said to me in ancient times, “People are not stupid. They do notice bluffs and untruths. ” This is a good tip and that’s why I try to be truly genuine, open and honest with other people – and myself at the same time.

– “A bad system will beat a good person every time.” – W. Edwards Deming