• Customer Data and CRM
  • Data governance
  • Data management and quality
  • Digital services
  • E-commerce and Omnichannel
  • Project Management

20 + years of experience with data, processes, and people in international trade

My background is from working in international trade in sales, business development and management positions in mid-cap companies. I have expertise in IT-systems, IT-infrastructure, smart cities, data strategy, data management and process development as well as change management from several viewpoints: CEO, VP of sales and Marketing, project management, CRM, customer support and ERP-systems. I am also used to working with enterprise clients from the pharmaceutical, healthcare and service sectors.

I speak 7 languages and am used to leading and working in multicultural teams. I am curious by nature and frequently look for new things to learn and implement what I have learned into practice. I listen well and communicate clearly breaking down large problems or issues into solvable tasks and projects. Sparring, training and guiding others is something I genuinely like.

In short, I develop the company’s business, processes and increase their bottom line by helping companies utilize, manage and produce data better. I’m passionate about security, digital business, e-commerce, coaching and helping others.