Laura Keränen

Senior consultant, Head of Data Platforms

  • Architectures
  • Data management and quality
  • Data platforms & reporting
  • Lean agile

I transform even somewhat unclear business needs into feasible actions.

My passion is to help organisations create value of their data. I’ve been working with a different kind of data related assignments since 1999 in roles, e.g. Product Owner, Data Architect, Data Modeller, Requirement Analyst, Advisor, and Instructor.

My areas of expertise are:

  • Data management: Data Strategy and roadmaps, pre-studies and investigations
  • Data platforms: Data Architectures, Data Warehousing, Data Modelling
  • Agile methods: Agile Delivery, Product Owner
  • Data trainings: Trainings related to the previously mentioned subjects.

The one thing that unifies all my work is data: how to manage and use data in a way that gives the best possible outcome to business.