Leea Koskinen

Senior Consultant

  • Data governance
  • Data management and quality
  • Privacy

Privacy and data expert with a pragmatic and human touch

I have a long experience in working with information from different angles. As a former business information professional, I have a holistic approach when inspecting data in different domains. I am capable of asking the right questions and picking up the essentials from a mass of data, and compiling analytical reports as the end result.

I am also an experienced process owner who has been responsible for establishing and maintaining processes in turbulent business environments. As a privacy expert, I’m specialised in compliance practices such as data breach management, measuring privacy maturity of business processes, and defining consent management practices.

Recently I have focused in developing data models and their glossaries, data governance models, and implementation roadmaps. Data classification models, processes, and organisation-wide deployment instructions are familiar to me as well. Before that I worked with improving privacy practices for human and ICT workflows, so that they meet GDPR requirements throughout the lifecycle of personal data. I helped in current state analysis as well as creating teams, processes, and ways of working needed to comply with the law.

I enjoy working as an interpreter between stakeholders, enabling everyone to reach their goals – from legal and business teams to IT, security, and communications. Organising, sharing, and getting things done while maintaining a good spirit is my natural role in a team. I am reliable, practical and innovative, and encourage everyone for a can-do attitude. One of my drivers is a team’s success in achieving its goals.