Lennart Arvidsson

Sales Manager

  • Sales

I am driven by creating value to our customers, and building good and long-term relationships with them.

By listening carefully to the customer and getting to know the customer’s business a mutual trust is created and this is a prerequisite for Loihde Advisory to offer the right consultant with the right competence for the assignment.

I have worked for over 30 years in the IT industry and mostly with sales. For me the relationship with the customer is absolutely crucial to provide the best customer satisfaction and profitable business both for us and for the customer. I have worked broadly within sales, such as: consulting sales, subconsulting / freelance sales, project and solution sales, product sales and complex sales and outsourcing business.

My aim is that our customers should always feel that they can trust us in Loihde Advisory and that through trust we are both a serious and obvious business partner for consulting services.