Mikko Mustakallio

Principal Consultant I Head of Digital Services

  • Architectures
  • Digital services
  • E-commerce and Omnichannel
  • Lean agile
  • Management

I create digital architectures with harmony and right proportions

My work as a digital architect combines a broad knowledge base of ICT technologies with the ability to implement business vision through pragmatic application of efficient lean-agile methodologies. In assignments related to online services development, I typically undertake lead solution designer and/or Product Owner responsibilities, seeing to the client’s interests. I am a certified SAFe Agilist and one of the creators of CAPO®, an agile solution design delivery model developed by Loihde Advisory. I have a Master’s Degree in Engineering (Telecommunications).

The typical assignments I have been working with are related to digital architectures, service design, process design and automation, and omnichannel content management solutions. My professional advantages are thorough technical understanding of digital solutions and processes combined with fluent communication skills.

I have an analytical mind that is always seeking ways to improve the status quo. Even though I have an engineering background, it does not solely define me as a professional; already during my studies I enjoyed working with people representing multiple disciplines as they tend to complete each other.

When acting as a team lead, my top priority is to enable my team-mates to realise their professional skills with maximum efficiency and precision – and to have fun as well. I take personal, craftsmanship type pride in the quality of my work.