Reni Waegelein

Head of Lean Transformation

  • Architectures
  • Lean agile
  • Project Management

Digitalisation leader with a strategic mindset

I am an ICT and business executive with almost 20 years of experience in digital services development. Leading the development of Finland’s largest online store, and the agile way of working change projects have made me an expert in managing complexity, large transformation projects, and leading people. My strengths are strategic and analytic thinking and capability to look at the big picture.

Due to my background as a CIO and leading agile development teams, I am an effective communicator, a diplomatic negotiator and experienced in dealing with multiple stakeholders. I am an expert in leading RFI and RFP processes and holistic solution design.

As a person I am long-term oriented and resilient with a good tolerance of stress. Although my background is in technology, I believe people come before technology. I have proven to be able to create excellent working environments with good team spirit and a culture of getting things done.