Riikka Honkela

Senior Consultant

  • Architectures
  • Data governance
  • Data management and quality
  • Data platforms & reporting

Working for better data is my passion.

I have been working with data since the early 2000’s. I started my professional journey with data from enterprise data warehousing. It offered an excellent practical-level vantage point to data related use cases as well as to different kinds of problems that exist in the enterprise’s data environment. Later on, I have been working in various roles, such as enterprise-level information architect, data modeller and product owner in data-related development.

I have always been keen to find and fix the root causes of the data problems. I like to think big and start small and find the best balance between implementation cost and business value. I have been working closely with both the data consumers and the developers and I understand both aspects. Since I have been doing a lot of different things around data, I am able to find a solution that fits for its purpose and helps organization to get more value out of its data.