Sini Vartiainen

Principal Consultant | Service Area Lead, Privacy

  • Customer Data and CRM
  • Digital services
  • E-commerce and Omnichannel
  • Privacy

Holistic thinker with a coaching attitude and an agile mindset

I am a senior business development professional with over 20 years of projects under my belt. It is in my nature to approach business development holistically, acting as the interpreter and ‘glue’ between stakeholders from different disciplines and levels of the organisation.

This means achieving true team effort, with various talents, in relatively complex environments. In the teams I have lead and worked with I am known for my coaching style leadership.

My professional passion and experience ranges from Privacy by Design in real-life to practical IT solution design and deployment. I enjoy bringing to life business concepts that contribute to CRM in its widest context – covering the whole lifecycle of the customer relationship, through any channel relevant to nurturing that relationship.