Terja Ketola

Senior Consultant

  • Architectures
  • Data governance
  • Data management and quality
  • Privacy

Information management professional with the goal of data availability, usability, integrity and appropriate security throughout the lifecycle

I have worked for a long time, especially in large-scale projects in the public sector, where I have prepared analysis of the current situation and, after identifying development goals, descriptions of the target status. The projects have included requirement definition, procurement, commissioning and the start of service production with its management models.

The overall architecture as a frame of reference for development is familiar and pleasing to me, especially in the modeling of processes, the data operating and processed in them, and in describing data relationships and the information systems and integrations used to process and transmit them.

I have mostly worked between the client and IT; defined and described operational needs, guided IT in implementation and implemented solutions. Ensuring the availability, usability, integrity and appropriate protection of information throughout the life cycle has always been a priority in my role.