Tuija Riekkinen

Principal Consultant I Head of Omnichannel Content

  • Digital services
  • E-commerce and Omnichannel
  • Service design and UX

I am a pragmatic and experienced digital professional with a proven track record for getting things done

I possess an excellent combination of the core skills needed to deliver successful digital solutions. Creating a great digital user experience and profitable online services require that tasks are done well behind the scenes. Good structured data and content, streamlined and efficient processes, and a well-designed technical architecture are all necessary – and I have a great eye for each of these items.

I am very hands on and believe in Lean principles. Building something in fast cycles does not only help you to get feedback, but it also helps to map the true impact the service will have on the processes, people, and competences. In other words, understanding what is the cost of service beyond the development cost.

I am a person who is not afraid of the endless problem-solving challenge when the finest details of digital service are being worked on. On the contrary, for me it is a source of motivation.