Program and Project Management

”External experienced program manager is of value when full concentration to important project without the burden of operative work is required.”

– Reni Waegelein, Head of Lean Transformation

Do you have a project, you need to get done? We help you

Professional program management improves greatly the propability of succesfull program execution and ensures best possible business value creation. External program manager is valuable when you need to ensure full concentration for the project execution or when you want to utilise our past experience from similar projects. We work in every phase of a project: program planning, RFPs and service provider selections, implementation phase as well as go-live and change management.

Our expertise

We have succesfully executed several different projects from ERP-projects to data platform implementations. Some examples are data management and master data implementation, ERP implementation and renewal, CRM implementation, online site renewal, data-platform implementation, IT integration in merger, and software development projects.

Our experience covers multiple business areas. We work with e.g. following business areas: services, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail and wholesale. Top priority for us is to ensure creation of business value. Our target is to not just implement the project in time, scope and budget, but to ensure the valuable implementation. Our strength in wake building is our ability to take into account business processes, operative model and required change management.


We utilize agile practices. It means constant prioritizing of value creating tasks and items. It also means anticipation to changes when people in projects get feedback of what works and what doesn’t. It also means utilizing best practices of communication, coordination and getting people involved and preparing for several launches.

Besides acting as project managers we also help you to improve your portfolio, program and project management practices. We have helped our customers to improve their PMO practices, combined project and continuous agile development activities and improved portfolio management activities.

Our services:

  • Project and program management
  • Change management
  • PMO lead and improvement
  • Portfolio management and improvement
  • Agile project management improvement and facilitation

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Reni Waegelein, Head of Lean Transformation