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Loihde Advisory is developed community of like-minded and passionate visionaries and technologists mastering the data.

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Data is driving the future and people are at the heart of it

Welcome to the Data-Savvy Community of Loihde Advisory. We are a values-based organisation and community sharing a culture of mutual core values among all our employees and stakeholders. We live from data, and we are the pioneers of digital transformation. We are the trail-blazers and masters of data-driven and customer centric future. Should you be one of us?

We are known for building bridges between business and technology. With us, you will have the tools and skills for guiding organisations towards a data driven future and building up the organisational change capability. We are a people-centric workplace with a culture that is based on trust, caring and passion.

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Good employership: humanity, balance and well-being

  • With us, people always come before technology. We will care about you and our entire work community, and will always do our best to ensure your overall well-being.
  • We want you to have a balance between work and leisure, because it is in the interest of our entire organisation. You will receive truly meaningful benefits that support your life and help you succeed.
  • We will value you just as you are – you can come to us as yourself. You will be listened to and your opinion will matter.







Culture of appreciation, assistance and knowledge-sharing

  • We will foster a culture of assistance and cooperation, and we do not want to create internal rivalries or career paths based on titles. Mutual trust in ourselves, in each other and in our customers is the basis of our very existence. We are professionals at the top of our industry.
  • We will maintain a people-centric culture, support each other and share our expertise. With us, you will not be alone and you can always ask for help – our community will always be there for you when you need it.
  • We will trust each other. With us, you can make your own decisions – based on your insights and experience.

Community’s expertise and top professionals and professional development

  • You will have the opportunity to create and develop in depth such solutions and entities that cannot be learned from books. Our culture of doing and sharing will support you here.
  • We will value your skills and support the development of your expertise at every stage of your career.
  • We will give you the opportunity to develop and deepen your skills in a direction that supports your passion and professional growth.
  • We will try to find challenges that match your abilities, professional skills and ambitions, as well as projects where your own expertise can shine.

A holistic and impartial approach, truly on the customer’s side

  • You can always be truly on the customer’s side – with no aggressive sales targets, technology-related commitments or hidden agendas.
  • We will always take a solid holistic approach in what we do, and you can be part of shaping the best solutions for our customers while making use of our community’s diverse expertise.
  • With us, you will use your skills and expertise to resolve different challenges and create change and success factors for our customers – as part of our competent community.

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Work environment

You can choose the tools that fit best for your work. Remote work is normal with us, even though we have built a nice home base at our office.

ihminen ja sydän


You will get extensive health care, insurances for both, work time and free time, and support for wellbeing. We are also very flexible when it comes to different situations in life.

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We will support your personal development. Our work assignments are challenging but you have the whole community to support you. Also more traditional training is part of our work life.

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