Our mission is to make digital development understandable, manageable, and above all, profitable. This is what we’ve been doing for twelve years now.

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In our holistic solution design we take into account the business targets, customer understanding, company’s operating model and technological opportunities. By the means of holistic solution design we transform strategic directives into concrete business solutions.

Our Holistic Solution Design Approach

Portfolio management

All development work should support company strategy. We will help you in transforming strategic themes into high level concepts in digital development portfolio. We will crystallise the objectives of the concepts and build business cases for them. We will map the relationships and dependencies between the different concepts and utilise the mapping to support portfolio management and prioritisation. On need basis, we will also coach you in lean development and project management.

Operating models

Understanding the operating model plays a key role in success of strategic projects. We will document our customers’ current and desired state operating models, using for example process or capability modelling. We will create an action plan for reaching the desired target state and meeting the strategic targets behind it.

Solution conceptualising and definition

Continuous return of value in development is possible when the topic is holistically understood, and divided and prioritised into implementable chunks. We will ensure that the solution meets our customers’ strategic targets and fits their operating model. We will conceptualise the solution, test the concept and clarify the implications the change will have. We will specify the requirements, help in method, tool and technology selections and guide the implementation.

Solution deployment

If the deployment of the solution falters, you can not reach the strategic goals. We will help our customers in preparing to the changes the new solution will bring from the beginning, whether it is about new systems, processes or ways of working. This is how we ensure that the transition to using the new solution will happen efficiently and in controlled manner. We will coach and train the relevant stakeholders during the whole development, but most of all we will root the new ways of working as established part of our customers operating model.

”Loihde Advisory was of great help in a project that included really difficult tasks. They provided us in their own calm, thorough and professional way with a model on how to do things. They guided us and did also big part of the work. I appreciate especially their pragmatism and concentration in the essential.”

– Heikki Ilvessalo, Castrén & Snellman, Development Director

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