Intelligent digitalisation – the next step in digital transformation

”We are facing a major disruption as organisations are starting to benefit from use of AI-empowered intelligent digitalisation. We believe AI in its different forms will become mundane by 2025.”

– Sami Masala, Executive Advisor, chair of the AIGA’s steering group

The next step in digitalisation

The next step in digitalisation, AI-enabled intelligent digitalisation, will be a major transformative force. Organisations need to start taking actions to prepare themselves for utilising it in timely manner.

However, a successful transition from experimentation to full-scale utilisation doesn’t always come as granted. Especially when it comes to emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, which have a number of unknown issues.

Artificial intelligence as a human-like technology is associated with great expectations and societal interest, but also concerns about its governance and trustworthiness.

Loihde Advisory is one of the first companies in Europe to develop an Artificial Intelligence Governance and Auditing model. We do it as part of the AIGA research project and in close cooperation with Finnish organizations.

AIGA, Artificial Intelligence Governance and Auditing

As one of the first research projects in the world AIGA (Artificial Intelligence Governance and Auditing) aims to develop the governance and auditing framework and model for artificial intelligence.

AIGA is a cross-disciplinary co-innovation project with academic and industry partners. The aim of this two-year project funded by Business Finland is to promote the competitiveness of Finnish companies through laying out best-in-class governance mechanisms and auditing principles for algorithmic decision-making

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