Customer Data

“Customer data is at the heart of the digital customer experience.”

– Riikka Honkela, Senior Consultant

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Customer data into good use

Do you need help with customer data management, do you want to create a 360-degree customer view or perhaps you are starting CRM, ERP or client MDM project?

Up-to-date and high-quality customer data requires both systematic quality management and commonly agreed rules of the game for establishment and maintenance work. Well-managed customer data tells all the essentials about your company’s clients, but this information effective usage is almost impossible if data is scattered in different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and customer data key concepts and requirements of the various functions related to them are not defined properly.

Customer data management (customer MDM, Master Data Management) enables the comprehensive utilization of customer data, which means the data can be better used in both effective targeting of sales and marketing and in support of strategic decision-making.

In the digital world, customer data is at the heart of the digital customer experience as well. With the help of customer data, customer self-service becomes more personal and transparent. In addition, effortless multi-channel customer service leans heavily on high-quality customer data.

Customer data is one of the company’s most important sources of information, therefore it is worth investing in its reliability.

Benefits of customer data

High-quality customer data enables better customer relationship management and development, and its benefits are widely visible throughout organization’s operations. Well defined, comprehensively managed and uniformly maintained data works as the basis for quality customer information that can be used in organization’s different operations and information systems throughout customer’s lifecycle.

Investing in customer data quality and consistency

  • enables an overall better customer experience
  • improves customer understanding, enabling the customer 360-view to increase cross-sell and up-sell sales
  • supports targeting for automated marketing campaigns and customer communications
  • facilitates compliance with laws and regulations and proving of the case in practice
  • is a prerequisite for successful system upgrades for CRM, ERP and MDM.

Our services

We make digital development projects understandable, manageable and effective. In holistic planning, we take into account the company’s business objectives, customer understanding, operational model and technology opportunities.

Take a closer look at our services below or get in touch with us, and we will tailor a service package that suits your company’s needs.

Development of customer data management

We design complete solutions required to utilize the information, which allow to harness customer data as a support for decision making and effectively use it on a whole organization scale.

We find out in what processes and by whom data flows. We describe and document the requirements for customer data content and quality, and build a comprehensive, easily understandable and unambiguous key concept to support for example CRM, MDM or ERP system development.

As a technology independent operator, we are always looking for the best client-oriented solution.

Data modelling to support system innovation

With data modelling we form an understandable set of customer data to support information system development and aid discussion. We describe the relations between data structures, constraints and different data as a conceptual or logical data model accordingly to situation.

We offer data modelling services from individual data modelers to the entire data modelling project implementation. Our service comprehensively covers project design, experts for different roles, as well as possible support and training to enable and improve client’s own data modelling capabilities.

Customer relationship management

We design solutions that would allow to offer individual customer experiences quickly and efficiently during the whole customer relationship lifecycle. We make sure that available data is of high quality, processes work through the organization, operating models are efficient and technical solutions support customer relationship management.

Our customer relationship management services include for example

  • Assessment and selection of CRM technologies
  • Solution design and definition of CRM systems
  • Mapping, monitoring and optimization of customer paths
  • Customer data solutions and built-in data protection
  • Optimization and automatization of marketing, sales and customer service processes
  • Management of campaign and marketing content
  • Development of reporting and analytics

Service area experts

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