Data Management

”Through data management we implement for our clients a sustainable knowledge base. It enables them to build added value for their business throughout organization and meet the business legislation requirements.”

– Tero Laatikainen, Service Area Lead

Data management helps your business

Well-functioning data management is the best friend of the business.

The market leaders of the future will have prerequisites to manage data and produce a high-quality information for business management. Investment in data is the most productive one on the road to digital business.

We have helped our clients to succeed in projects related to data strategy, customer data, product data, data quality and data governance, among others.

Data management expert

Excellent customer satisfaction and numerous international data management projects are telling about results of our work and our abilities to help customers to succeed. Our most important goal is to create value for the customer and think of their best.

We ensure, that all aspects of comprehensive data management are taken into account successfully and with high quality. We advise and aid with practical implementation.

Our strengths include:

  • business needs identification
  • systematic ways to collect, define and manage data
  • ensuring the quality of data
  • utilization and sharing of the data that respects data protection and legislation.

In our services we utilize, among other things, Loihde Advisory DM&Q™ Framework we have developed, which provides a comprehensive approach to data management development in all data areas. We have successfully used the framework in various data projects for example in the following areas:

  • Customer data
  • Product data
  • HR data
  • Material data
  • Financial data

We have vast experience in the data management solutions and data utilization. We can help, for example, in

  • processes automation
  • modern analytics utilization and implementation
  • cloud data management
  • digitalization of services
  • multi-channel (omnichannel) sales development.

Data Management & Quality Framework™ for all business areas

The framework developed by Loihde Advisory is built on the experience and expertise of our professionals. We utilize proved to best methods and area’s most effective frameworks and models.

We phase demanding projects into manageable and implementable parts and engage stakeholders. We want to ensure the communication between business and development teams: our way of working intertwines both agile methods and traditional projects.

Framework supports all phases, from understanding the needs and current state, defining the concept and need of change to precise details and support of agile development.

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Our services

Data strategy

Data strategy is not just a plan. It is the choices and policies, which ensure that data can be utilized accordingly to company’s strategy and targets.

Successful digitalization is built on the first-class data, and that is why a digital leap requires implemented data leap. We can help to design a sustainable foundation for data utilization in your company.

Do you need help clarifying the need for more effective use of information and data management in your organization?

Customer Data

Do you need help with customer data management, want to create a 360-degree customer view or perhaps you are starting CRM, ERP or client MDM project?

Customer Data Management (CDM) ensures that company uses up-to-date and high-quality customer data, which enables building of sustainable customer relationships and creating new services to satisfy clients’ needs.

Hight-quality customer data is prerequisite, for example, for successful CRM, MDM or ERP system innovation. Quality requires high level of data, cross-organizational processes, efficient operating models and appropriate technical solutions.

We can help different units and customer interfaces of your organization to intertwine with each other and for our part we ensure the successful implementation of data system projects by taking care of the necessary data management solutions.

Product Data

Do you need help managing product data, are you starting PDM, PIM, PLM project or ERP upgrade or perhaps want to grow your sales online?

Product data management ensures that information that describes and defines product units can be used throughout the organization, data management systems and product lifecycle.

High-quality product data is a key factor for company’s success on the market, because products’ and product data lifecycle impacts cross-company operations.

We help to improve your company’s product data management, whether it is data strategy development, current state analysis or definition of the data management related processes. For our part we assist the successful implementation of PDM projects by ensuring that the right data actions are taken at the right time.

Data Quality

Data Quality Management (DQM) is crucial when it comes to utilizing business-critical data in business development.

High-quality data helps to work efficiently, improve customer satisfaction, enables more reliable reporting and real data management.

We assist defining the best ways for your company to improve data quality and help to create and implement a model that will aid you improving data quality in future.

Data Governance

Data Governance supports business efficiency and development, as well as data related risk management by focusing on how information used by company is developed as valuable resource and how related decisions are made and implemented.

At the core of the data management model is understanding of the importance of data usability and maintainability, and ensuring, that all business-critical information has defined ownership and necessary responsibilities.

We help to ensure, that your company has sufficient capacity for data utilization now and in the future.

Data Management Trainings

Data and its management nowadays are perhaps more important than ever before. Gain solid about the various aspects of data management under the guidance of Loihde Advisory’s experienced professionals. All of our trainers have years of hands-on data projects in different business areas.

Our public trainings can be found in Upload training portal. We also facilitate customer-specific trainings, so we can tailor contents just for your needs.

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