Data Governance

“Data Governance ensure that the data is managed in a timely and efficient manner, so that high-quality data can be utilized at the right time in the right place.”

– Kea Kangas-Lång, Principal Consultant, data management

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Data Governance supports data controllability

Data management model (Data Governance) is a business-driven framework, that enables data management and regulation on a whole organization’s scale. Its purpose is to ensure the availability of high-quality and up-to-date data and reduce data management related risks’ actualization by focusing on how people, processes and technologies should interact with data.

A data-driven organization ensures, that the right people are responsible for owning and maintaining the data. Clear decision-making and maintenance responsibilities verify, that all business areas can utilize data efficiently and without a risk.

It is time to resign from data silos, complex workflows and unclear responsibilities. Now it’s the right moment to make sure that your organization has a good framework for utilizing data now and in the future.

Data management framework benefits

Well-managed data is the cornerstone of the digital business. For example, high-quality data management enables efficient processes and speeds up applications’ development, because necessary data is can be utilized at the right time in the right format.

Well-functioning data management model is built in layers and radiates its benefits to the entire organization.

Data management model aids to achieve a significant competitive advantages:

  • More efficient data maintenance and utilization processes
  • Better risk management (e.g., credit and regulatory risks)
  • Faster response to changes, which can affect data management (e.g., new businesses, regulations, acquisitions)
  • Faster readiness to take advantage of new opportunities offered by new technologies.

Our services

We make digital development projects understandable, manageable and effective. In holistic planning, we take into account the company’s business objectives, customer understanding, operational model and technology opportunities.

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Data management model design

We design and document a data management model derived from current state of data management that can be used to build necessary capabilities to utilize the data now and in the future, as the amount of it continues to grow.

We determine organization’s current maturity level an identify the principles required for data management model and key roles for data ownership.

As a technology independent operator, we are always looking for the best client-oriented solution.

Data management model implementation

We ensure that there is a common understanding in the organization regarding the order of which data management model should be implemented and what kind of measures it includes.

Together with the client we prioritize a to-do list of issues to be resolved and support the adoption of the new operating culture by helping to integrate the roles, processes, tools and responsibilities into the job description of designated individuals.

Organization of data management

We ensure, that organization operates in accordance with the existing data management model and that the diversity of information and different perspectives are taken into account.

Our experts support decision-making and can help, for example, to prioritize data management tasks, take control of broader information content, recognize development needs and identify the impact of change.

If necessary, we can help to define and model data and describe the processes of data generation and maintenance.

Data management in the public sector

We have successfully helped several companies to make their operations agile and update their data management related practices.

By utilizing these best practices, among other things, we can provide assistance to public administration organizations to meet the requirements of the Act on Information Management.

Service area experts

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