Data platform, is it your company’s engine or break?

“We help our clients to implement data platforms that are beneficial for the business. Data platforms that are suitable and adaptable to different situations; data platforms, that are working as a company’s engine rather than a break.”

– Laura Keränen, Service Area Lead

Well-functioning data platform

Well-functioning data platform accumulates company’s data to one place and shapes a unifying view to different business needs out of it. New needs implementation is convenient, and the data platform gives an understanding that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

Even a misfunctional data platform also gathers company’s data to one place, but forms a chaos, which doesn’t serve anyone, but instead its maintenance and management consumes all the available resources.

Common thing for successful data platform projects is that they have succeeded to linking business needs and technology brought opportunities. What matters is not technology, but how it is used. Therefore, our principles in data platform development are:

  1. Concentrate on creating business value
  2. Design solutions, which are appropriate to the need
  3. Develop solutions to be scalable and durable
  4. Build solutions piece by piece and publish them for use frequently.

Cloud-based architectures, agile practices and DataOps have emerged as today’s trends in data platform building. Ability to utilize various data formats and process data almost in real time increases usage possibilities of data platforms. Because of changed operating environments, it is also possible to utilize data platforms for both analytical and operational needs.

One way doesn’t feet everything, so when implementing data platforms, it is important to keep a whole picture in mind but still proceed one step at a time.

Choose Loihde Advisory as your partner and let’s implement together a data platform that works.

Data platform expert

It’s not always necessary to demolish old and build new from scratch. We design and implement a solution that is just right for you.

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of data platforms, from needs assessment to implementation control and deployment. We are involved to the very end to make sure that solution brings real benefits to business.

  • We have experience in shaping data strategy and vision.
  • We know technologies and offer a vendor-independent view to the best solution option.
  • We design cloud architecture and data models (concept models, Data Vault, dimensional modelling).
  • We analyze, profile and visualize data.
  • We ensure business value by prioritizing and splitting the process into controllable entities.

Our services

Our consulting service covers the entire lifecycle of data platforms form defining of the needs to implementation and from implementation to project management. We want to be involved in ensuring that what is being done really makes business sense.

Take a closer look at our services below or contact us, and we will tailor a service package that suits your company’s needs.

Roadmap and architecture

We make a plan for building a data platform, so that project progresses efficiently and in controlled manner. We identify key user groups, their needs and describe data and reporting needs form a business perspective. We offer architecture options and create a proposal for a technical architecture.

As a technology independent operator, we are always looking for the best client-oriented solution.

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Current data platform health check

Health check is used to find out why existing data warehouse or data platform can’t be used as expected by business. We validate current data warehouse architecture and existing data models, as well as evaluate data warehouse development process and expenses. After the check you will receive a comprehensive report on the health status and concrete plan to correct a problem areas.

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Data strategy

Data strategy is not just a plan. It is the options and policies that ensure that data is utilized accordingly to company’s strategy and goals.

Successful digitalization is built on the first-class data and therefore a digital leap requires an implemented data leap. We help you to design a sustainable base for data utilization in your company.

Do you need help clarifying the necessity of the more efficient use of data and data management in your organization?

Learn more about Data Strategy

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Data quality

Data Quality Management (DQM) is crucial when it comes to usage of business-critical data in business development.

High-quality data allows to work efficiently, improves client satisfaction, enables more reliable reporting.

We help to identify the best ways for your company to improve data quality, and create and implement the model, that will help improving data quality also in the future.

Learn more about Data Quality Management

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Laura Keränen, Head of Data Platforms