Data Quality Management

“Data quality is crucial when it comes to utilizing data in business development. Among other things, we help our clients in measuring data quality and correcting and preventing quality problems.”

– Juha Loukola, Senior consultant

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Competitive advantage from high-quality data

First-class quality data helps companies to work efficiently, save costs, improve customers satisfaction and aids clients’ in making purchase decision. Quality data enables more reliable reporting that is prerequisite for information-based decision making, i.e. leading with knowledge.

Data Quality Management refers to methods and tasks, which ensure that data is error-free, seamless and fits the purpose as much as possible. This ensures that it meets requirements for business, standards, and information systems.

Only quality data brings a competitive advantage on the market, so it is worth investing in its management.

Data quality management benefits

Data quality problems aren’t easy to identify, because business is running, nonetheless. Small data problems lead to big expenses if, for example, salespeople can’t find the right customers, orders are going to the wrong destinations, or suppliers’ registers are abused.

Investing in data quality management

  • helps processes to work efficiently and save costs
  • improves customer satisfaction and experience and aids clients’ in making purchase decision
  • enables more accurate and consistent reporting and data analysis, so it becomes easier to make a decision
  • reduces the number erroneous and duplicate data, so overall data utilization is faster
  • makes it easier to find the right information
  • reduces the probability of business-critical risks’ realization

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