Data Strategy

“Data strategy is about options and alignments, which would help to ensure that data is being utilised accordingly to company’s strategy and vision. Loihde Advisory’s acknowledged experience in data strategy area has already helped number of companies to improve exploiting data to benefit their businesses.”

– Reni Waegelein, Head of Lean Transformation

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Business-driven data strategy

Data strategy is a plan derived from company’s business strategy to control and utilize its data the best way possible. Company ensures with one, that its data management capabilities are enabling it to achieve its business objectives.

Data strategy answers the questions: what company is intended to achieve with data and how to get to those targets. At Loihde Advisory we have a saying: “Data first, then digital”. By this we mean that taking the digital leap is only possible if data has been taken care of first.

Creating a data strategy requires both understanding business’s information needs and knowledge about the technologies that would allow to achieve the goals. Technologies are changing, but data remains. Therefore, creating a data strategy depends upon close collaboration with both business management and IT professionals.

Benefits of a data strategy

Many companies nowadays are pursuing to have data-drivenness, increased degree of digitalization, effective reporting and analysis capabilities, as well as the readiness to respond to environment changes more quickly. Achieving these objectives relies on the controlled development and improvement of the necessary capabilities.

With data strategy

  • identifying a value of available data
  • contributing to the achievement of business development targets
  • defining coherent objectives for data exploitation
  • improving preparedness to respond to operating environment changes
  • engaging senior management to implement a common data-agenda
  • creating a consistent roadmap for achieving future goals.

Our services

We make digital development projects understandable, manageable and effective. In holistic planning, we take into account the company’s business objectives, customer understanding, operational model and technology opportunities.

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