Agile Porfolio Management

”Portfolio management is the key tool for the strategy implementation. It helps organization to make decisions in what to invest and what not to. Portfolio management is a continuous process that helps organizations to respond rapidly in a changing environment.”

– Reni Waegelein, Service area lead

Portfolio management is the key tool for the strategy implementation

Company’s development activity with all its matters is the part of portfolio management. It’s worth asking when evaluating the contents of the portfolio: what if we get implemented all that we have planned? And if get all of our plans implemented, will our strategy do so as well? Are the things in our portfolio correct?

A development portfolio is not just a list of things, but portfolio management is a continuing development and balancing: What are we doing right now? What things shouldn’t be done right now?
For the response to changing environment to be rapid enough, portfolio management must be continuous.

We help you to create a good portfolio management operating model, clarify the goal state and bring strategic point of view to portfolio management. Depending on desired scale and impact of the change, it is possible to develop budgeting, financing models and resource planning in addition to portfolio management.

Portfolio is a link between the strategy and the reality

The rapid development of technology, new business operating models and digitalization are making the future less predictable than before. Companies need to be quick to sense the changes and respond to them. Well-functioning and agility-supporting portfolio management ensures that strategy is implemented in a changing environment.

With effective portfolio management you ensure:

  • Strategy implementation in a changing environment
  • Effective usage of development investments
  • A common vision of development priorities
  • Scaling agile operations to the entire enterprise level

Our services for different aspects of portfolio management

Overall portfolio management development

We help our clients to develop portfolio management practices and related key processes on the way to change. We describe team and organizational structures, processes, management models, competency profiles as well as working methods for portfolio management teams. Thew result of the work will be together agreed practices, which will enhance portfolio management, launch of the new projects, reuse of information and will bring transparency to work.

Needs identification

What to do and where to invest? Needs and ideas are coming from all directions. We help to define processes and models of how things are brought to portfolio if they are brought at all, are they new business needs, product and service ideas, development hypothesis related to services optimization or external requirements.


We design analysis processes for identified needs and areas for development. We do necessary definition work so that things that come to the portfolio can be prioritized in relation to other needs. In the analysis of the needs, we take different perspectives into account: concept, architecture, prototype and production model.

Implementation planning

We plan the implementation and guide it. Who implements the need (business, IT, other necessary parties)? When is it feasible? Is restructuring or new partners needed for implementation? What is the priority of the matter in relation to other ideas and needs?

Implementation and analysis of results

The business owner is involved during the development, we too if necessary. When the matter is completed, we will analyze whether the goal was achieved, or further development should be continued? Was the hypothesis correct? Did we advance strategic issues in a measured way?

Lean Agile maturity surveys

We help to clarify what organization’s Lean and Agile maturity is, not just development teams’. Based on the report, we will make recommendations for the next steps and measures as the organization wants to move forward on the development journey.

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Reni Waegelein, Service area lead