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Value to the company from product data

Do you need help managing product data, are you starting PDM, PIM, PLM project or ERP upgrade or perhaps want to grow your sales online?

Product data flows at its best smoothly through its lifecycle and is refined on every stage, whether it is requirements management, product design and manufacturing, Product Data Management (PDM), Product Information Management (PIM) and distribution to customers and online stores, installment/product unit service and maintenance information management or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and logistics.

Well-managed product data tells all the essentials about a product, but if data is scattered in different systems, cloud services and Excel spreadsheets, then making effective use of it is practically impossible. The value of product data to the business is identified on the target stage and the data is being managed in accordance with commonly agreed rules. This way the data can be utilized efficiently throughout the organization.

Market success requires smooth product data management, and therefore it is worth investing in it.

The benefits from consistent and high-quality product data

Consistent and high-quality product data is a defining and descriptive information about a product. It describes products from different perspectives and covers the entire product’s lifecycle: product categories, requirements, features, structure, manufacturing information, maintenance procedures, upgrades, versions etc.

Well defined, managed, maintained and high-quality product data enables efficient data utilization and processing throughout the organization, information systems and product life-cycle (design, manufacturing, sales, delivery and maintenance).

With high-quality product data management

  • enabling accurate, advanced customer service based on product-specific information (including product service history)
  • improving multiple channel customer experience and increasing cross-cell and up-cell sales (PIM and product management: images, videos, texts and information)
  • promoting the identification, development and provision of new forms of services and sales opportunities, for example by exploiting the 360 view of the individual product or expanding the product offering (NBA/NBO, Next Best Action/Offer)
  • enhancing the development of the service and maintenance-related processes and services (installations, spare parts, service history, downtime, device optimization, fault management)
  • facilitating the success of ERP, MDM, PIM, PLM or PDM projects.

Our services

We make digital development projects understandable, manageable and effective. In holistic planning, we take into account the company’s business objectives, customer understanding, operational model and technology opportunities.

Take a closer look at our services below or get in touch with us, and we will tailor a service package that suits your company’s needs.

Development of product data management

We design complete solutions required to utilize the information, which allow to harness product data as a support for decision making and effectively use it on a whole organization scale.

We find out in what processes and by whom product data flows. We describe and document the requirements for data content and quality, and build a comprehensive, easily understandable and unambiguous key concept to support for example PDM, PIM or ERP system development.

As a technology independent operator, we are always looking for the best client-oriented solution.

Data modelling to support system innovation

With data modelling we form an understandable set of product data to support information system development and aid discussion. We describe the relations between data structures, constraints and different data as a conceptual or logical data model accordingly to situation.

We offer data modelling services from individual data modelers to the entire data modelling project implementation. Our service comprehensively covers project design, experts for different roles, as well as possible support and training to enable and improve client’s own data modelling capabilities.

Technology choices and competition

Suitable technology mapping and careful concept for the correct technology utilization requires special expertise. We have helped several organizations to make a successful technology choice that stands the test of time and changes.

Our experts assist in RFI/RFP process of a system that suits for product data management by defining the requirements.

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