Talent Talk 2019

Villa Kataya, Katajaharjuntie 10 E 21, 00200 Helsinki


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Invitation: Talent Talk 2019

Modern Architectures in the Digital Era

Digitalisation is not anymore just individual experiments or apps. It is fundamentally changing industries, organisations, processes and IT-landscapes. Technological change is accelerating as Moore’s law suggests and strategies are evolving at a faster pace. These trends are pushing organisations to increase the agility of their architectures.

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We’d like to invite you to Talent Talk to discuss how to manage the change in business, process, data and technology architectures. During the morning, we cover the most exciting topics in leading the transformation, share experiences and insights with other top influencers. Sessions are facilitated by Talent Base principal consultants and partners Tero Laatikainen and Timo Karsisto.


Breakfast and introductions

Session I: Aligning architecture with business strategy

How ramping up and divesting business areas reflect to architecture?
Architectural patterns for merger and acquisition based strategy
Synchronising architecture development with strategy process cycle

Session II: Applying microservices to increase your architectural agility
Designing and developing microservices
How to use them to make architectures more flexible and dynamic?



Talent Talk is a small, invitation-only gathering of top digital business influencers in our network intended to foster conversation across the industry area borders. All the conversations are confidential.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact: nino.ilveskero@talentbase.fi.

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8:30–11:30 + lunch


Villa Kataya, Katajaharjuntie 10 E 21, 00200 Helsinki